HOSTS:  2018 FLAG OFFICERS – 90 guest max

In addition to the traditional Bloody Mary bar and Mimosa station,

We will have omelet stations/chefs with a wide variety of selections for your custom omelet



September 2, 2018

8:30 am - 10:30 am

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Cost: 25

Total # of Tickets: 90

Available Tickets: 43

Current Guest List

  • Steve Birc

    Michele Oskins

  • Stewart Brash

    Sherri Brash

    Marissa Brash

    Kennedy Brash

    Joe Brash

  • Kim Charney M. D.

    Nicole Lissia

    Paolo Lissia

  • Tom Collins

    Joanne Collins

  • Lou Earlabaugh

    Sue Earlabaugh

    Jade Earlabaugh

    Susan Earlabaugh

  • Bob and Angel Flaig

    Bob and Angel Flaig

  • Matt Hinton

    Kate Hofmann-Hinton

    Jacquelyn Petty

  • John Houts

    Janet Houts

  • Brad Kelly

    Lisa Kelly

  • Raymond Kovacs

    Jeannie Kovacs

    Meagan Kovacs

  • Jim Leishman

    Sue Leishman

  • Roland Rapp

    Sally Rapp

  • Bruce Rieser

    Bruce Rieser

    Bruce Rieser

    Bruce Rieser

  • Marshall Rogers

  • Kim Salyer

  • Tim Salyer

  • Tisha Sitzer

    Michael Sitzer

    Brittany Sitzer

  • John Wells

    Janet Wells

  • Connie Wiseman

  • dave march

    laurie march


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