Tim will be creating his New Orleans style Paella, we are having a costume contest for 1st prize and a Mardi Gras parade headed by Kommodore  King Kenny… DJ Rania playing plenty of New Orleans Dixieland jazz  don’t forget to wear your mask!

Committee:  Tim and Kim Salyer (also Mary Salyer Gilman and Dorothy Bono, Sis of Tim and Friend) staying Chez Salyer, Ciao Bella

Mike and Tisha Sitzer

Anthony and Michelle Salcido

Bobby and Angel Flaig

Gary and Mary Tolar

Chris and Kareen Lund


August 31, 2019

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Cost: TBD

Total # of Tickets: 120

Available Tickets: Sold out


Current Guest List

  • Jodi Barb

    Randy Barb

  • Mitch Bernardo

  • Steve Birch

    Michele Oskins

  • Karlyn Boppell

    Chuck Boppell

  • Stewart Brash

    Sherri Brash

  • Mary Lou Buck

    Rod Woods

  • Deborah Chacon

    Carlos Chacon

  • Jeff Christiansen

  • Tom Collins

    Joanne Collins

    Steve Cobbe

  • Pete Compton

    Evie Compton

  • Matt Crochet

    D Summers

  • John Dougherty

    Miriam Dougherty

    Dan Dougherty

    Tristin Dougherty

  • Lowell Dreyfus

    Penny Dreyfus

  • Lyle Eisel

    Noreen Wallace

    Randy Ressell

    Debra Ressell

  • Bobby Flaig

    Angel Flaig

  • Larry Gottlieb

    Sheri Schuster

  • Gary Granbery

    Peggy Granbery

  • Mary Haller

  • Katherine Hamilton

    Noel Hamilton

    David Reed

  • Bob Herstoff

    Judy Herstoff

  • Dave Horst

  • John Houts

    Janet Houts

  • Woody Hunt

    Coley Hunt

  • Brad Kelly

    Lisa Kelly

    Doug Kelly

  • Bob Kircher

    Janet Kircher

  • Raymond Kovacs

    Jeannie Kovacs

    Meagaan Kovacs

    Phil Haralson

  • Saralee Kroll

    Terry Kroll

  • Jim Leishman

    Sue Leishman

  • Michael Levitt

    Lynn Levitt

  • Debi Lorbeer

    Michael Stuart

  • Chris Lund

    Kareen Lund

    Alissa Lund

  • Mary McCampbell

    Jim McCampbell

  • Kristina Montag

    Ted Montag

    Teddy Montag

  • Sally Rapp

    Roland Rapp

    Barry O'Neil

    Ann O'Neil

  • Gary Richards


  • Bruce Rieser

    Sharol Schimek

    Bill Smyth

    Beth Smyth

  • Marshall Rogers

    Julie Langslet

  • Wendy Rozak

    Kenny Rozak

  • Michelle Salcido

    Anthony Salcido

  • Tim Salyer

    Mary Salyer Gilman

    Rhonda Rivas

    Kimberly Salyer

  • Anita Seiveley

    Jim Collings

  • Sheila Shea

    Steve Shea

  • Tisha Sitzer

    Michael Sitzer

    Stefanie Sitzer Pilalas

    Melanie Sitzer

    Andrew Mason

    Christy Mason

  • Jack Taylor

    Lisa Harter

    Scott Taylor

    Pat Taylor

  • Kathy Thacker

    Tom Thacker

  • James Wachtler

    Sarah Wachtler

  • Debbie Weaver

    Debbie Weaver

  • John Wells

    Janet Wells

  • Michael Woods

    Shirley Woods

  • Kelley York

    Heidi York


  • Dan Whitener

    Wendy Whitener

  • Frank Buccella

    Virginia Buccella

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