HOSTS:  JIM AND MARY MCCAMPBELL – 80 guest max … please have your reservations in 72 hours before the event.   Chef Greg will head up the carving station.   Feature Speaker is Michel Demetter who is former historian for Island Company.


August 29, 2018

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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  • Steve Birch

    Michele Oskins

  • Randy Barb

    Jodi Barb

  • Karlyn Boppell

    Chuck Boppell

  • Stewart Brash

    Sherri Brash

  • Mary Lou Buck

    Rod Woods

  • Deborah Chacon

    Carlos Chacon

  • Jeff Christiansen

    Julie Christiansen

  • Lou Earlabaugh

    Sue Earlabaugh

  • Tom Fipp

    Sheryle Fipp

  • Bobby Flaig

    Angel Flaig

  • Katherine Hamilton

    David Reed

  • Brad Kelly

    Lisa Kelly

  • Doug Kelly

  • S/C Michael Levitt

  • Ward Lewis

    Michele Lewis

  • Mary McCampbell

    jim McCampbell

  • Roland Rapp

    Sally Rapp

  • Anthony Salcido

    Michelle Salcido

    Pete Compton

    Evie Compton

  • Sheridan Schuster

    Larry Gottlieb

  • Anita Seiveley

    James Collings

  • James Serles

    Pam Serles

  • Steve Shea

    Sheila Shea

  • Jack Taylor

    Scott Taylor

    Pat Taylor

  • Tom Thacker

    Kathleen Thacker

  • Debbie Weaver

    Randy Weaver

  • Connie Wiseman

  • Kelley York

    Heidi York

  • james wachtler

    sarah wachtler


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