Lunch at CIYC


August 30, 2019

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Cost: TBD

Total # of Tickets: 100

Available Tickets: 75


Jenny Armstrong

Current Guest List

  • Jodi Barb

    Randy Barb

  • Karlyn Boppell

    Chuck Boppell

  • Stewart Brash

    Sherri Brash

  • Jeff Christiansen

  • Tom Collins

    Joanne Collins

    Steve Cobbe

  • Gary Fiamengo

    Stacie Fiamengo

  • Bruce Rieser

    Sharol Schimek

  • Michelle Salcido

    Anthony Salcido

  • John Taylor

    Lisa Harter

    Scott Taylor

    Pat Taylor

  • Debbie Weaver

    Randy Weaver

  • Billy Womack

    Lisa Brooks

    Kristen Onstott


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