HOSTS:  BOBBY and ANGEL FLAIG. Committee includes:  Keith, Kini, and Jeremy Jorgensen and Debi Lorbeer and Michael Stuart and Tisha Sitzer and Dave Johnston


Russ Armstrong will cook some of his favorite dishes he made at his Portofino Restaraunt.

Main Course:  Caesar Salad, Shrimp Scampi, Meat Cannelloni, and Clams with Linguine.  You can get all 3 entrees plenty of food!

Dessert:   Tiramisu and Handmade Italian Cake Pops  by Jenny Jorgensen

Includes Italian Chianti wine and music from Jenny Armstrong personal collection from Portofino Restaurant

Limited to 90 people.   Price for the event is $60 per person … will be great meal and a fun night.


August 25, 2019

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Cost: 60

Total # of Tickets: 90

Available Tickets: Sold out

Current Guest List

  • Randall Barb

    Jodi Barb

  • Mitch Bernardo

  • Steve Birch

    Michele Oskins

  • Karlyn Boppell

    Chuck Boppell

  • Stewart Brash

    Sherri Brash

  • Bruce Brilhart

    Judy Brilhart

  • Deborah Chacon

    Carlos Chacon

  • Jeff Christiansen

    Julie Christiansen

  • Tom Collins

    Joanne Collins

  • Pete Compton

    Evie Compton

  • Gary Fiamengo

    Stacie Fiamengo

  • Bobby Flaig

    Angel Flaig

  • Todd Gleason

    Cathy ,eka

  • Larry Gottlieb

    Sheri Schuster

  • Gary Granbery

    Peggy Granbery

  • Mary Haller

  • Katherine Hamilton

    Noel Hamilton

    David Reed

  • Bob Herstoff

    Judy Herstoff

  • John Houts

    Janet Houts

  • David Johnston

    Lisa Johnston

  • Keith Jorgensen

    Kini Jorgensen

    Jeremy Jorgensen

  • Bill Larkin

    Donna Larkin

  • Jim Leishman

    Sue Leishman

  • Michael Levitt

    Lynn Levitt

  • Debi Lorbeer

    Michael Stuart

  • Kirk & Maureen MacInnis

    Maureen MacInnis

  • Tom Nix

    Pam Nix

  • George Padgett

    Anita Padgett

  • Tricia Pratto

  • Roland Rapp

    Sally Rapp

  • Bruce Rieser

    Sharol Schimek

    Bill Smyth

    Beth Smyth

  • Marshall Rogers

    Julie Langslet

  • Wendy Rozak

    Kenny Rozak

  • Michelle Salcido

    Anthony Salcido

    Leanne Salcido

    Fko Maurer

  • Diane Schneider

  • Anita Seiveley

    Jim Collings

  • James Serles

    Pam Serles

  • Sheila Shea

    Steve Shea

  • Tisha Sitzer

    Michael Sitzer

  • John Taylor

  • Kathy Thacker

    Tom Thacker

  • Gary Tolar

    Mary Tolar

  • James Wachtler

    Sarah Wachtler

  • John Wells

    Janet Wells

  • Dan Whitener

    Wendy Youderian

  • Kelley York

    Heidi York


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