Price for Filet Dinner and all the fix-ins is $38.00 per person

Hosted by: Randy and Jodi Barb and Tom and Joanne Collins

The weather is great each year!  The summer at it’s best!  Sign up today


September 21, 2019

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Cost: 38

Total # of Tickets: 70

Available Tickets: Sold out


Current Guest List

  • Jodi Barb

    Randy Barb

  • Steve Birch

    Michele Oskins

  • Karlyn Boppell

    Chuck Boppell

  • James Collings

  • Tom Collins

    Guest of Randee Wood

    2nd Guest of Michael Stuart

    Mickey Guest of Michael Stuart

    Kirby Holte

    Michael Stuart

    Mickey Scheinbaum

    Judy Griffing

    Ann McCormick

    Ken Griffing

    Bill McCormick

    Joanne Collins

    John Norman

    1st Guest of John Norman

    2nd Guest of John Norman

    Paul DeGraw

    Roxy Salisbury

    Randee Wood

    Dee Holte

    2nd Guest of Randee Wood

    3rd guest of Randee Wood

  • Mary Haller

    Jeanette Novarina

  • Taylor Hunter

    Renee Hunter

  • Andrew Jessup

    Diane Jessup

  • David Johnston

    Lisa Johnston

  • Michael Levitt

  • Lynn Luther

    Eddie Arnold

    Kathie Arnold

    Betti Johnson

  • Mary McCampbell

    Jim McCampbell

  • Tom Nix

    Pam Nix

  • Lynnette O'Bryan

    Tim O’Bryan

  • Warren Platt

    Mary McCarthy

  • James Serles

    Pam Serles

  • Jim Staffer

    Donna Shaffer

    Richard Litsinger

    Leslie Shaffer

  • Georges Thiret

    Karly Brown Brown

  • Tracy Tormey

    Scott McKinlay

  • Debbie Weaver

    Randy Weaver

  • John Wells

    Janet Wells

  • Chris Wiltsey

    Wyona Wiltsey

    Pat Wiltsey

    Sara Franke

  • Rich Wray

    Ginny Wray

  • York York

    York York

    Jim York


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